Special location and space.

We want you to have a special time in a special space, with a whole view of the red bricks of Tokyo Station under your eyes.

The special private room is the one reminiscent of the unique atmosphere of the Taisho era, where Western culture flourished all at once from the Meiji to Taisho eras. -Stained glasses, traditional Shoin style door, ceilings- William Morris fabrics and exotic atomosphere are incoporated into the design. Tokyo Station is the gateway to Japan. Please relax in a space that makes you feel nostalgic while gazing at one of the eyes of the West at the dawn of modern times.

We would offer you a nice space, amazing food and wonderful time. Please enjoy your time with your loved ones.

Table seats overlook the Tokyo Station
[ 6 seats (12 people available) ]
You can enjoy the completely different atmosphere at day and night with wonderful dishes.

<div class="styled_h4 align1 lh200 b text120"Counter seats where you can feel the live stage of chef's performance

[ 2 seats ×3]
chef’s live performance and hospitality make you feel “JAPAN”.

[ 4 seats ×4with a nice location below]
you can enjoy Fukui’s seasonal food and Japanese sake.
Special time with special food and space.

Specialty Soba

Our specialty “Echizen Oroshi Soba” ,freshly ground, freshly made, freshly boiled, has the rich aroma and subtle sweetness of buckwheat. With the spice of grated daikon radish, it turns the finest taste. Definetely the best soba noodles.
Fukui Prefecture is known as one of the best Soba producing regions in Japan.
In paticular, the famous Echizen Oroshi Soba has a rich buckwheat aroma and a faint sweetness.
With the spiciness of grated daikon radish and the flavor of dried bonito flakes and green onions are addictive.